What is the main Problem ?

A Centralised VPN Company is not 100% safe and secure as anyone could be getting in the back door or having unauthorised access or even keeping logs. There is no possible way to prove it. Getting setup on most VPN's can be time-consuming and complicated affairs, setting up on multiple devices and following complicated guides.

How can we solve this problem ?

With Sentinel and Spider VPN are both constantly pushing towards a new age of digital protection, you can be more secure, have proof of security and ensure your anonymity on all of your devices while making crypto.  As a team, we both offer a fully provable decentralised VPN Network with an open-sourced secure device to connect all your devices hassle-free. 

How can we prove that the nework is safe ?

We have a fully provable network which is run by the community and is impossible to stop, hack or gain unauthorised access built on blockchain technology with rock-solid hardware which is open source community-verified code with nothing to hide.

How can everyone earn money from this partnership?

We have created the ability to monetise spare bandwidth. Everyone can then have the ability to use the SpiderVPN Router for security and privacy but can also opt-in to share unused bandwidth in return of a reward in $SENT. 

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