Please make sure you connect the Ethernet cable provided between the spider router Blue WAN port and ISP router Yellow port then do the following.

Please follow the step below to reset your router:

1- Please click & hold the RESET button which is to the right of the WAN blue port and doesn't release until all LEDs except power led stopped.

2- Please wait until the wifi networks show up then connect and go to the web interface at:

3- login to Web Admin Panel at ,

Username: root ,
Password: admin

4- Go to Network->Interfaces->WGSPIDER->Edit

5- Select your preferred VPN Location

6- Fill in your Username & Password as follows: (username and password are on then navigate to Services -> My Services and click on your package)

  • Username: (find these inclient area as above)

  • Password: (find these inclient area as above)

7- Click Save & Apply button

8- Click Connect button on the WGSPIDER Interface

9- Navigate to System -> Reboot -> Perform Reboot

10- Wait until Spider Wifi networks came back up then connect and navigate to then go to Status -> Overview -> Check Current Public IP Address.

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