Phase1: Connecting your Spider VPN Router

(1) Unbox and screw on the 4 antennas, In the case of PRO routers, Please ensure that you connect the 2.4G antenna to the 2.4G port and likewise for the 5.8G antenna (Both antenna and ports are labelled)

(2) Unpack the Ethernet cable then plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the WAN Port (Blue Port) on to your Spider VPN Router

(3) Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your existing (Internet Service Provider) Broadband Router. Make sure you are not using a WAN port BLUE on your broadband router ONLY use the YELLOW LAN ports (as shown in the picture below)

(4) Connect the supplied power cable to the VPN Router.

Phase2: Configuring your Spider VPN Router

(1) Connect any device that has a compatible web browser to the Spider VPN Wifi Network login details shown into your package details page.

(2) Once connected open any web browser, All major web browsers are supported

(3) In the title bar type this-

(4) Log in to the Spider VPN Router Panel Login using the details below:

Username: root
Password: admin

(5) Navigate to System → Network → Interfaces and hit Edit

(6) Now head over to the client area and login at

(7) Once logged into Client Area Click on to Services > Then hit Active

(8) After you have hit Active you will see all your login Information. Use this Account Information to enter your SPIDER VPN LOGIN DETAILS into the Router (Please note these are not the same as your client area Login)

(9) After entering your SPIDER VPN LOGIN DETAILS Hit > Save and Apply

(10) You will be diverted back to Interfaces

(11) Now hit either Connect or Restart

(12) Wait for 1 minute until the VPN is activated then Head over to on your browser and you can see your new IP details and location.

Note: Spider 5.8G wifi network is only available with the PRO Spider VPN Routers

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